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Water Warriors is a short documentary about a small community in New Brunswick, Canada that fought back against big oil and won. The film has screened at more than 50 festivals worldwide including TriBeCa, Big Sky, and the Sheffield Doc Fest.

Foley co-produced and edited the film for director Michael Premo and producer Rachel Falcone of Storyline Media. For more information about the film, check out Storyline Media.

railer edited by Scott K. Foley


PACE UNIVERSITY: Forensic Science Department
2 Mins | 2018
Directed by Scott K. Foley

Partnering with cinematographer Jeff Johnson and The Cutting Board NYC, Foley directed and edited a series of 16 marketing and promotional videos for Pace University in New York. This is an example of one of the full length videos, aimed at students considering a career in Forensic Science.

Edited by Scott K. Foley